Travel From Delhi To Meerut In 60 Mins. Using The Rapid Rail Transit Corridor

Rapid Rail Transit Corridor

All the Dilliwalas with home towns in Meerut, here is some great news for you! Indian Railways is starting a special train corridor called Rapid Rail Transit Corridor. The trains running on this corridor will complete the journey in 60 minutes or less.

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Trains For Thought:

  • The new corridor will allow trains to travel at the speed of 160 k.m.h, thus covering the 92 k.m.s in barely 60 minutes!
  • This project will help Delhi connect to NCR at some seriously reduced travel time. Thus, making those long trips easy & convenient!
  • The corridor will originate at the Sarai Kale Khan bus terminal & pass through Delhi, Ghaziabad & Meerut regions before terminating at Modipuram.
  • Of the 92.05 k.m. long stretch, 60.3 k.m.s will be on an elevated viaduct & 30.2 kms will be underground. While 1.4 kms will be at grade for connections to two depots, one each at Duhai and Modipuram.

Overall by the end of it, the travel time might even fall down to 45 minutes between Delhi-Meerut via the Rapid Rail Transit Corridor! So, cut the corners fast & travel quicker!

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