Missing The Qawwali Sessions At Nizamuddin? We Found Something Better!

In the Bollywood movie ‘Rockstar’ we saw Ranbir Kapoor attend and participate in the qawwali sessions at Hazrat Nizamuddin and as always, many of us flocked at the dargah to witness this divine beauty ourselves. Everything was going well and the turn up for the sessions every Thursday was great. But as they say, everything good comes to an end. Even something that has been happening for over a hundred years!

Hazrat Nizamuddin dargah shut its doors and stopped having these qawwali sessions when they heard about how some social media groups have been charging people money to enter and indulge in them. These sessions have always been free for the general public to attend. This sudden decision by the dargah committee has left many devotees and attendees in shock and despair. But as always, we have finally found the solution to this!

Before we give away the details, we need you to promise to keep this a well-kept secret and help us maintain the sanctity of the dargah.


Inside the complex of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, lies the Hazrat Inayat Khan dargah. The building is set around a tranquil little garden that floats like a mirage beyond the intense, almost insane energy of the crowded urban village outside the stone walls.

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Every February, around Hazrat Inayat Khan’s death anniversary, which falls on the 5th of February, the place comes alive with multi-faith symposiums and performances of music and dance by famous professionals as well as by the children of the basti. Apart from this, every Friday there is a qawwali session that begins at dusk and lasts for about an hour.

Where | Hazrat Inayat Khan Dargah

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