Jack Daniels Price Drop In Delhi! Yes, You Heard It Right!! Read On

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Time to go on a scoot on imported premium drinks like Glenfiddich Single Malt, Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker Black Label and Jack Daniels ‘coz their prices might slash down in Delhi by the next few months! The excise dept. has mandated the liquor importers to fix wholesale prices of their brands closer to those in the other Indian States.

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This provision by the new excise policy has already been approved by the Govt. and might come into effect from Aug. 16, 2019. It will be implemented when the importers re-apply for the license.

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A 750 ml bottle of Johnie Walker black label is rolled out at ₹2300 in Haryana, whereas the same is priced at ₹3900 in Delhi. Similarly, 750ml of Glenfiddich Single Malt costs ₹2700 in Gurgaon and ₹5100 in Delhi. Also, big pubs in Delhi prefer to snap up these drinks from the neighbouring states to score higher profits. It speaks losses for those who’re selling liquors within the city. Reduction in prices of these tipples are gonna ensure that these restros’ do not need to rely on dealers from outside the capital for buying them.

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If you’ve got a classy taste for alcohol, good days coming for you soon!

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