Pop Up This Food Joint In Vijay Nagar And Cram Down Their Hot Amritsari Nutri Kulcha!

nutri kulcha

Know It All In 30 Seconds

We have heard of Chole Kulche, Paneer Kulche, but have we really heard of Nutri Kulcha? Welcome to the city of innovation where food talks about the fusion of different cuisines. Well, this time we head to Vijay Nagar to cram down their Hot buttery Amritsari Kulchas served with Soyabean sabzi!

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What To Expect?

Cooked with dollops of butter, the Nutri Kulcha served in Vijay Nagar is spesh in its own sense. Talking about its gravy, the Kulcha is served with the Tawa soybean fry, that’s made with home-made spices and gives you the taste of your mom’s magical cooking.

soya kulcha

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What You’ll Love?

Well, talking about its affordable rates, they serve these kulchas just for INR 50! Can it be any better? Take a ride to Mother Dairy in Vijay Nagar and stuff your faces with their delish delicacy.

Bottom Line

So, when are you heading here?

Where |  Vijay Nagar near mother dairy

Price | ₹ 50

Location | Here

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