Looking For A Cool Co-Working Space In Gurgaon? Plus Offices Is Your Go-to Place! 

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As a startup, when you are sorting out a huge pile of tasks, losing sleep over getting the right investors and customers, the emergence of coworking spaces. These spaces are fully stocked with all office like amenities and are easy to afford, as per the convenience of the startup owners/freelancers. But its still important to look for a certain checklist that you must follow before closing on one and here is a swanky new one for Gurgaon-waasis looking for their co-working facility – Plus Offices.

Who Are They?

Launched in 2018, in sector 44, Plus Offices has expanded its office in sector 67 ; a massive 1,00,000sq feet facility. Check out the cool new spacious and swanky co-working facility.

What You’ll Love?

Spacious set up – While there is a long list of co-working facilities today but a lot of them have ended up giving cramped spaces but Plus Offices is absolutely a Plus size when it comes to space.

Safety first- Just how cool is it to have shuttle services and not worry about safety or the commuting hassle?

Mentor Plus Program – A great challenge for startups in initial years is also to get access to right mentors. Most co-working spaces are usually taking care of your space and that’s where the deal ends but Plus Offices has a whole pool of 100+ mentors on board to access and discuss problems with.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait and get set for your new working space today!

Where | Sector 67 and sector 44, Gurugram l Plus Offices



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