Planning a Trip to Himachal? Head to these Cafes with Dreamiest Interiors from Beautiful Hills

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Make waves on your Instagram feed amidst the beautiful and some yummy treats to hog on to at these cafes in Himachal.

1. Cafe 1947

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A cafe by the river with good food and hookah and some relaxing music to groove to, this cafe has everything you need on your trip.

Where | Manali 

2. Hangout Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

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The most happening bar in Kasauli. If you want to enjoy some nightlife in the hills with some good food and alcohol this is your place to be.

Where | Kasauli 

3. Illiterati

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One of the best cafes in Dharamsala for all the solo travelers. The best company you can get at this cafe is books with some amazing hot chocolate. 

Where | Dharamsala

4. The Lazy Dog

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The oldest and coolest gastro-pub in Old Manali by the river. Best place to be in Manali. 

Where | Manali 

5. Jim Morrison Cafe

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The oldest and coolest gastro-pub in Old Manali by the river. With everything pocket-friendly here, enjoy the alcohol with some delicious cuisines. 

Where | Manali 

6. The Evergreen Cafe

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With bohemian interiors and floor sitting, this cafe is run by Israeli couple and serves the best non-vegetarian food. 

Where | Kasol 

7. Cafe Simla Times

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With some crazy views and good food, this cafe has every cuisine you need. If you are going to Shimla, you should not miss this place. 

Where | Shimla 

8. Shiva Cafe

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The Hippie theme based cafe in Mcleodganj with Bhagsu Waterfalls by the side, this is the place to have good coffee and fries. Visit this cafe and enjoy the view after a good trek. 

Where | Mcleodganj 

9. The Johnson’s Cafe

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The open air terrace with chic low lighting, this cafe serves all the cuisines from all over the world. 

Where | Manali

10. Dana Coffee House and German Bakery

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The best hot coffee and bakery to go to in Manali. Head here for some amazing hot cuppa coffee along with some mouth-watering walnut cake. 

Bottom Line

Plan your food trip to Himachal with these cafes in mind for a foodful journey.  

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