10 Places In & Around Delhi For A Peaceful Morning Cycling Session

The cycling ecosystem in Delhi is pretty good and the number of people who have taken to recreational and professional cycling in the city has increased over the last few years. Step out early in the morning, towards India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan and Rajpath, and you will see cyclists in their colourful attire, riding their high-end machines. If your new year resolution is to get fit and get environment-friendly, this is your best shot. Take up cycling. Here are Delhi’s top 10 cycling spots!

1. Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate

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Stating the obvious first, this is a majestic stretch. Rashtrapati Bhawan on one side, India Gate on the other side, and Rajpath running all the way―this is a sight that fills you with pride. Mornings at Rajpath are full of cyclists, runners, children skating and people playing sports.

2. Dhaula Kuan to 11 Murti on Sardar Patel Marg

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While riding from Dhaula Kuan to Gyarah (11) Murti, you will encounter a mild downhill that makes pedalling easy. You will love the speed you gain on this stretch. Add to this the cool air from ridge forests and you have a fast and breezy cycling section early in the morning.

3. Sanjay Van in Qutub Institutional Area

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This forest area in the heart of Delhi is a dream come true for any fitness enthusiast. There is a gravel track running inside the forest which is great for cycling. The forest has a few Machans (watch towers) that give you an excellent view of the surrounding area.

4. Gurgaon-Faridabad Road

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This is arguably the best road for training on your cycle in Delhi- NCR. The road consists of a number of uphill and downhill sections on which you can challenge yourself and also have a great time. Almost the entire road has forest areas alongside, so cycling here is quite refreshing.

5. Najafgarh Wetlands

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This road is on the outskirts of Delhi and connects Dwarka to Haryana. The trail runs along the Najafgarh drain. Thanks to its location, traffic is sparse on this stretch and the area is lush green. Beautiful sunrise, greenery, and thousands of birds make it one of the favourite cycling hotspots in the city.

6. NH 8–from domestic terminal turn off to Manesar

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This road is for the road bike enthusiast who enjoys speedy rides. The road is one long straight stretch with negligible distractions and diversions. You can really speed on this road in the morning and enjoy a fast-paced ride.

7. Aravali Trails

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These are off-road trails with plenty of uphill, downhill and rocky winding sections. The area is perfect for intermediate mountain bike riders. Beginners will find several sections to be quite tough.

8. Aravali Bio-Diversity Park, Gurgaon

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This is a wonderful green haven in an otherwise concrete jungle. The downhill sections inside the park can be quite intimidating for a beginner, but once you get the hang of it, you will thoroughly enjoy the undulating path inside the Aravali Bio-diversity Park.

9. Dwarka to Sultanpur 

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This is a 65 km loop. The route crosses Najafgarh wetlands, small villages and farmlands. It is a pleasure riding these roads as traffic is sparse and pollution negligible.

10. Asola Bhardwaj Lake

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There are around seven lakes in the vicinity and, trust us ―each one is better than the other! The rocky off-road gravel track is perfect for cyclists who enjoy off-road or single track cycling. The uphill and downhill sections combined with rocky areas are just perfect for mountain bike riders.

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