Pizza Lovers, Listen Up! Pizza Hut Has Come Up With A Pizza Anthem Starring Bhuvam Bam That Will Get Stuck In Your Head

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Aren’t we all utterly in love with Pizza Hut’s signature pan pizzas? We know we cannot resist biting into a slice, every time we cross a Pizza Hut. The smell is just irresistible! The fact that they make their pizzas afresh and have a flavourful sauce makes it even better. But, that is not what is getting us grooving! What if we tell that this iconic brand has just rolled-out a foot-tapping anthem on pizzas? Scroll down to know more.

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

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What To Expect?

YouTube sensation Bhuvam Bam recently associated with Pizza Hut for their new campaign – Pizza Hut Javenge, 99 Mein Khavenge’, to tell y ’all, Pizza Hut is now giving tasty pizzas at just Rs. 99!! Yeah, you heard it right. What’s more? At this campaign launch, BB carolled the first ever pizza tune of the country. We were’ totally grooving to, ‘Pizza Hut javenge, 99 mein khavenge‘!

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

What You’ll Love?

The tune! Every time you hear it, you will love it even more. And the hook-step is so easy that it took us seconds to catch on. Of course, shaking a leg with Bhuvan made it more fun. 

Also, the offer! With wow 99 everyday value offer by Pizza Hut, you can now enjoy tasty pan pizzas at just Rs. 99. So, the next time you see a Pizza Hut outlet, you can enjoy these jaw-droppingly affordable, lip-smacking tasty pizzas while rocking-n-rolling to the lively tune by BB. You’ll love this catchy tune as much as you love his vines, we bet!

Pizza Hut Bhuvam Bam DforDelhi

Bottom Line

So, are you ready to jazz up your pizza cravings with this uber-cool pizza anthem?  

Where | Multiple Outlets of Pizza Hut

When | 11 A.M. To 11 P.M.

Location | Here

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