Fruit Kheer, Veg Keema Kaleji With Masala Kulcha And More! This Place Is The Ultimate Heaven For All You Insane Foodies

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Dilliwalo! We’ve just found out another store in the city to get your foodie souls satiated. And we can’t wait to unquote its awesomeness. Read on!

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What To Expect?

Pind Di Hatti, Janakpuri, is a small food joint that was opened about a year back and has already grabbed gobs of laurels with its highly sought-after, tantalizing desi menu. Regulars out here utterly love their authentic Veg Keema Kaleji with Masala Kulcha and Paneer with Gulal Roti!

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What You’ll Love?

The fresh buttery masala kulchas here dished out with oh-so-zesty keema kaleji topped with Amul cream! Sounds drool-worthy! Right? Also, if you’ve got that sweet tooth, you’ll go bonkers over the fruit kheer served out here. The iconic dessert spells out delish fruit flavours with the quirky infusion of soul-quenching kheer and kesar. The place also rolls out other scrummy lunch options like rajma chawal, special choley chawal, palak paneer chawal and many more.

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Bottom Line

Hop over to this grub hub and gobble up a flavourful meal to instantly spice up your mood!

Where | Pind Di Hatti Block C 6A, Janakpuri, New Delhi

When | 11 A.M. To 7 P.M.

Price | ₹150 For Two

Location | Here

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