400 Petrol Pumps In Delhi To Be Shutdown On 22nd And 23rd October

Petrol Pumps In Delhi

So, the recent developments in the excise duty have led to petrol pumps in Delhi to go under. In fact, the cut in the excise duty by the Centre has lead to losses in states ranging between 20%-30%.

Delhi Petrol Dealers Association has called for a shutdown of 400 petrol pumps in Delhi. The call for the ‘band’ was for a reduction in the VAT (Value Added Tax) by the Delhi Government on diesel and petrol.

Moreover, the DPDA pointed that the neighbouring states of Delhi sell lower grade fuels. Reasoning that if this continues the resident of Delhi will start going to these states for refuelling. Which may further affect the environment of Delhi.

In comparison to Delhi, petrol in UP and Haryana is cheaper by INR 2.59/L and INR 1.95/L respectively. Diesel in these states is cheaper by INR 2.02/L and INR 1.72/L respectively.

According to sources, 200 out of 400 petrol pumps in Delhi are on the verge of closing down.

You can read more on this here.

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