5 Reasons Why This Summer’s Biggest Pet Fair Is A Must Attend!

Pet Fair

There are thousands of pet parents in Delhi & they are all going to be heading to ICUC Pet Fair 2017 this weekend! Why? Well these guys have curated a list of things that you ball of fur will absolutely go nuts about! From some fun times to some grooming rhymes, this Pet Fair is giving you the opportunity to socialise with all the pets Delhi’s heart has nestled in a corner.

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30 Second Window:

  • The Pet Fair will be taking place in Mehrauli so, there’s going to be ample space for you & your pet to run around amongst hundreds of others!
  • Now isn’t that a great way to spend your weekend?
I. Adoption Of Pets

The fair will also give the guests a chance to meet some new balls of fur up for adoption. So, by adopting a ball of fur, you will not just be providing a home but also discourage breeding!

II. Grooming Sessions

How long has it been since your ball of fur got a beautiful bow or hair curled & a chill bath? Well the Pet Fair has got you covered with some expert groomers who will amke your dear little pet feel special as always!

III. Pet Photography

What’s a pet fair without people clicking those beautiful smiles on the faces of our loved ones? Precious moments can be so easily captured using a camera, then why not? Professional photographers will make sure that your ball of fur is the highlight in itself.

IV. Pet Behaviourists

The pet fair will also feature few pet behaviourists with the ability to explain to you how to understand your pets and manage difficult situations. New pet parents! This is the perfect time for you learn a thing or two about your ball of fur! All pets are welcome, of course!

V. Vet Service

Finally, for a holistic approach to the entire concept of a fair – the ICUC Pet Fair will also have a few Vets, in case you haven’t been able to take your love to the doc in a while! Well, this is your chance. The pet fair sure sounds aces to our ears!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to the ICUC Pet Fair with your ball(s) of fur, friends & their pets & of course, your family. And have a jolly good time!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook event page here.

Sneak Peak | ICUC, Mehrauli

On | 22nd April

Google Maps | Click Here

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