You Can Now Personalize Your Jeans! Have Them “Tailor-Made” For You!


Ladies and Gentlemen, are you tired of shopping for jeans? We are! Honestly, every time we go out to shop for a pair of jeans, they’re either short, long, too loose, too tight or rip easily. We always end up in alteration departments of stores getting them to make it fit a little better to our size.  Not anymore!

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IML Jeans is a brand that is a pioneer in making customized jeans. They don’t believe making jeans in bulk. There’s no “One-Size-Fits-All”. Every one of us has a unique body type and we deserve clothes that make us look great in them!

IML is meant to be personal. You walk with it, you can sleep in it, you breathe it…

Each IML denim is made using the best from around the world. The fabrics are the best of the best mills while each trim is meticulously attached giving an understated persona. That is the true essence of bespoke. Which is handmade and hand-cut, each and every nuance is captured to add the utmost comfort.

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The whole process of making one fully bespoke jeans is upwards of two weeks and dozens of skilled man-hours. More than 5 hands touch each denim in the making process while numerous quality control parameters have to be constantly looked into. It is truly a designed and engineered product. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty on sewing and trims. How amazing is that?!

What you’ve got to do to own a pair of these absolutely amazing jeans is call the lounge, set up an appointment and tell them everything! It’s as simple as that.

Contact | 9555-546-546

Address | 406, Baani -The Address, 1, Golf Course Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Location | Click Here

Website | Click Here

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