Peace Out Indie-European Style At McLeodganj For Just INR 1100! Travel Goals Sorted? You Betcha!

Peace Out Indie-European Style At McLeodganj For Just INR 1100! Travel Goals Sorted? You Betcha!

Wondering if there still exists any peace at all in this small township? McLeodganj, unarguably was one of the best places to visit to warm up over a cup of chai & some manali trance ‘stuff’! But over the years, much like Kasol, the place got infested by a multitude of people not as friendly as they used to be. So, to break the boredom & the insane ocean of humanity, we found you the best homestay here – a short walk away from the main town. And that’s not even the best part about this small chalet – a wooden house. The warm insides compete majestically with the finest, most serene view of the valley below!

30 Second Window:

  • This Indie-European style chalet is situated in Dharamkot – a short, chilly 30 minute walk from McLeodganj! The magical bit about this place is the calm, white wooden cottage with enough room for you to peace out; with no signal.
  • Yep, it’s hard enough to get signal on your phone, imagine what fun it would be if you could just ask your office to buzz off, eh? Down the rabbit hole we go, into the majestic view from the cottage, face to face with a valley you can only dream to witness!
  • The small cottage, also part of a family house is situated in the foothills, surrounded by cloud so thick, the sun is a distant dream. And it should be! What fun is the cold air if you’re gonna walk around waiting for the sun to come out? If you really want the sun, come back to Delhi & face the blaring heat!
  • Changed your minds, didn’t you? We too felt the same way. And it was precisely at this very moment that the clouds come apart & you book that cottage! Seriously, for just INR 1100 a night, you could LIVE HERE! Alas, that cannot happen. So, you might as well sip on your chai, let your mind wander off to your happy place. And let the cool wind slowly kiss your cheeks.
  • The homestay is, of course, stocked with all the modern amenities! Such as an accessible kitchen, Wi-Fi for Insta shoots, private bathroom & a lappy friendly workspace. Now, if even this does not excite, maybe this will –

A road down the peaceful thoughts, scenic beauty & just a short walk away from the cottage is this majestic beauty

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Can’t resist a peek into this sceneic beauty? We suggest you carry some biscuits, chai & maybe a plate of maggi too! You can buy all this from nearby cafes like Morgan’s Place and head here –

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Owned by an Indo-German couple & their 3 dogs, the cottage is aces in our books! So, here are few essentials you might need for this trip!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You carry enough food & water for any trekking expeditions. And some extra food to munch on when you’re cuddled inside the bed.
  • Ps. if you want, you can travel by air till Gaggal to reach Dharamkot. Or Pathankot by train. And finally, Private Volvo busses from Delhi to McLeodganj and then catch a local bus! Choose ya’ll!

Book this magnificent cottage here.

Location | Close to Bhagsu Nag Temple, Dharamkot

And Pay | INR 1,100 for two guests per night

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