No More Paying For Parking At Malls! Delhi Government To Take Action

Okay so, before paying money to the ticket-guy at the mall parking, how many of you reasoned out the parking fee? Well, yes! We never really thought of it and even if we did, we just didn’t want an argument and so it’s been years that we are simply giving money in the form of parking at malls and hospitals that aren’t supposed to be given. Unfortunate but it’s true!

What’s The Deal About?

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So, the deal is that most malls and hospitals cannot charge Parking Fee, as they were allowed to add an additional floor area with a condition —that they will allow free parking in basements. According to sources, some malls and hospitals have gone to court against the MCD order. But the court has nowhere said they can continue to charge money till there is a decision on it.

However, the Delhi Government has been onto this issue for a year now but it was only a few days ago that the South Delhi Civic Body took major actions and it decided to revoke the license of the hospitals and mall that were found charging unnecessary amount in the form of parking fees.

What Happened Last Year?

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According to a report, 11 malls and 23 private hospitals were found charging parking fee last year. The SDMC issued notices to the establishments, warning that sealing action will be initiated against them under the DMC Act, which gives powers to the civic body to seal a portion of any building where illegal activity is being carried out.

Some hospitals and malls were charging rates according to their footfall which was higher than usual and was highly commercial. The places that were issued notices last year include Cross River Mall (Shahdara), Shakti Mukund Hospital (Dayanand Vihar), Dharamshila Hospital (Vasundhara Enclave), Max Hospital (Patparganj).


We await further news on this topic and can’t thank the government enough to have taken action against this practice that concerned each every person in the city!!

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