This Outlet In Saket Is Giving A 15 Mins Sesh For You To Breathe Pure Oxygen!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The deteriorating weather conditions in Delhi have created an alarming condition in the city. If you think news revolving around selling oxygen in Delhi was only confided to jokes, you’re wrong. This place in Saket is legit giving a 15-minute for ones who want to breathe fresh oxygen.

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What To Expect?

People all over the world are now using Oxygen Bars & Aromatherapy for holistic and recreational use. You will be presented with a selection of aromas or flavours and a team member will explain the benefits of each aroma. A cannula tube that splits into two small prongs, fits loosely around your head and the prongs rest just inside the nostrils to deliver the oxygen. There are more than 12 flavoured oxygen flavours like lavender, spearmint and almond to choose from.

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What You’ll Love?

Amidst this relaxing session, you can sip some nice oxygen cocktails which contains a foamy substance containing a beverage enriched with oxygen. The drink is used as a part of Oxygen Therapy.

WhereSelect Citywalk Mall, Saket

Price | ₹300 per session

Location | Here

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