10 Outrageously Funny Signs That Prove You Are A Delhiite At Heart

Outrageously Funny Signs That Prove You Are A Delhiite At Heart

Recently moved to Delhi? Here are few outrageously funny signs that prove you are a Delhiite at heart.

I. When Your Wardrobe Overflows With Clothes From Janpath & Sarojini

Every time you open your cupboard, does it rain down clothes you bought from Janpath & SN Market? GOOD! You just passed the first test to becoming a true Delhiite!

II. When You Scream F*** You Or Honk Your Way Through The Chaotic Traffic

Secondly, if you drove through the Delhi traffic unscathed, then KUDOS TO YOU. Frankly, as a Delhiite, the only way to skim through the traffic is to scream or honk your way out of it! And if you’ve done it, then you’re a Delhiite – pound for pound!

III. When You Bargain Like Your Life Depends On It

Delhi can be quite challenging for first-time shoppers. However, if you successfully bring down the price of an item costing INR 300 to INR 100, well..hello there fellow Dilliwala!

IV. If You’ve Ever Used The Six Proverbial Words – “Janta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?”

This is something Delhiites are known for across the WORLD!! So, if you’ve said this once, you will say it twice and you know you’re a pakka Dilliwala.

V. Cheap Beer, Cheap Food & Laid Back Life? PAHARGANJ ZINDABAD!

Possibly one of the cheapest markets in Delhi, Paharganj was and still is, on everyone’s radar. The place offers hippie ambience with tons of choices. So, if you’ve ever partied here, remember that you’ve crossed the line to becoming a Dilliwala!

VI. When You’ve Successfully Banged Your Head; THANK YOU RAJIV CHOWK

So, this is one ritual every Delhiite has had to perform at least a 1000 times. And if you feel like doing the same, cheers, you’re now a Dilliwala.

VII. When Your Idea Of ‘Cool People’ Is Always South Delhi

Regardless of where you live in Delhi, this is an inevitability of life here. And if you’ve said it once, you’ll say it a 100 times over. And that’s when you know you’re a Dilliwala!

VIII. When Your Ideal TP Is CHAI

This is a daily ritual of Delhiites. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or evening stroll – Delhiites love their CHAI! And if you too follow the same ritual, you’re ONE OF US!

IX. When You Favourite Snack Is Momos

So, whether it’s the streetside stall or a fancy cafe; momo is GOALS! Are you getting our vibe? Of course, you do! Why else would you be smiling rn?

X. If You’ve Been Given The – “Sharmaji Ke Bete Ka SRCC Mei Ho Gya!” – Line

Need we say anymore? This basically summarises a Dilliwalas childhood!

So, how many of you can relate to this? Ps. Here Are 10 Things Only Dilliwalas Can Relate To

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