Oreo Gulab Jamun Made With Chocolate And Paan Is Every Dessertarian’s Dream Meal!

Gulab Jamuns

The most loved sweet treat in Delhi has always been Gulab Jamun. And we found you places around town where you can eat gulab jamuns made with Oreos, Chocolate & Paan! Now, that’s what we call CRAZY!

Gulab Jamuns

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30 Second Window:

  • Yummy in our mouths are brown, soft & dripping with sugar syrup! Gulab Jamuns are Delhi’s sweetest treat ever & can be devoured with elation.
  • But the fact of the matter is that there are eateries in town that are experimenting with this dessert & taking it to the next level! Don’t believe us? Read on & try these offbeat gulab jamuns in Delhi!
I. Shake Eat Up

So, the guys here at Shake Eat Up in NSP have created an amazing take on the classic Gulab Jamun called OREO GULAB JAMUN!! Now, you could be a little sceptical until you try it but it’s absolutely mesmerising. Remember that, it’s Oreo Gulab Jamun!! There’s no way you cannot try it.

Sneak Peak | Shake Eat Up, G-7, Pearls Best Heights-2, NSP

And Pay | ₹99 per plate

II. Balti 29

Gurgaon peeps! You’ve got a hidden gem close to your place & we’re sure you’ll love it! Balti 29 serves Gulkand Gulab Jamun with Paan Ice Cream!! Smiling right? Like, what is this? It’s exactly what you read & its crazy good! Ps. it’a little pricey but its worth the money.

Sneak Peak | Balti 29, SCO 25, Sector 19. Gurgaon

And Pay | ₹175 per plate

III. Mystique Melange

The heat is unbearable these days & nothing gets the chill back like thandai ice cream. But what’s better is Kala Jamun with Thandai Ice Cream! Now isn’t that something that you’d want to get your hands on? Imagine the soft jamun slathered with thandai ice cream slowly going down your mouth as you salivate! Check out out Mystique Melange here.

Sneak Peak | Mystique Melange, C-⅜, Ashok Vihar, Phase 2

And Pay | ₹225 per plate

IV. The Gol Chakkar Cafe

Kalkaji’s fame, The Gol Chakkar Cafe serves an amazing Gulab Jamun Brulee. Just imagine a bowl full of mushy & soft Gulab Jamun melting in your mouth as you take a mouthful of it! The dessert is North Indian & French cuisine merged.

Sneak Peak | The Gol Chakkar Cafe, F-1, 2nd Floor, Kalkaji

And Pay | ₹190

V. Matia Mahal

Merging two iconic Indian dessertsis like putting heaven on earth! Matia Mahal near Jama Masjid offers Gulab Jamun Jalebi! The dessert is an unforgettable sweet ride that will leave you spellbound.

Sneak Peak | Matia Mahal

VI. Punjab Grill

Think about this – chocolate + gulab jamuns = Chocolate Gulab Jamuns in your mouth, melting away, slathering your mouth in gooey madness! A combination of chocolate, a hint of Nutella inside a gulab jamuns is dessert heaven in our mouths!

Sneak Peak | Punjab Grill, Select Citywalk

And Pay | ₹215

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