Order with DforDelhi: 5 Things That Will Make For The Ideal Order at Laphing Wala!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Laphing Wala is known by every North Campus Resident but have you ever just looked at the menu, confused about what to buy and ended up getting the same old thing again and again? Well, no more. Try these 5 the next time you visit for a filling Laphing Wala day!

White Soupy Chicken Laphing

The white soupy laphing is addictive already, with the extra chicken stuffing it feels heavenly (and protein rich)!

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Dry Yellow Laphing With Kimchi and Nuts

The nuttiness of the peanuts and the sour from the Kimchi fills your soul to the brim – if you need a snack on the go, get a bottle of coke and a plate of this – you are good to go for at least a few hours!

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Soupy Yellow Laphing Thupka

This is for the winter evenings, the piping hot, spicy soup warms your body right up and silky laphing adds a texture that might actually make you ditch the unhealthy Maggi sometimes!

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Chicken Baozi

Two adorable, soft white buns hiding within a chicken treasure – the bun is soft and chewy while the chicken is the flavour. While this one’s a more subtle in terms of flavour, it doesn’t lack! The paneer one’s good as well but nothing beats Chicken, does it?

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Get a Hand On Their Jar of Kimchi!

You heard that right! Laphing Wala has begun selling their kimchi in jars! The next time you visit, ask them if you can taste it and get a jar or two for the days when need you need something comforting but want to make it umami.

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Bottom Line

Well then, which one did you like the best?

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