How About Watching A Live Online Standup Comedy Show This Sunday?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Bored of sitting at home in this quarantine? If you miss watching standup comedy, here’s some plan especially for you. Watch Manish Tyagi perform over a zoom call this Sunday!

I would like to heal along with everyone else and make everyone ...

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What To Expect?

An ex-naval commander, Manish started his career in the late 40s and is quite a famous name in the standup comedy scene. The show will be available on Zoom so make sure you have downloaded the app.

Open Mic With Manish Tyagi | WhatsHot Delhi NCR

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What You’ll Love?

Make sure you put your headphones on and watch the show in the most silent corner of your house. Remember, the recording of the show is not allowed.

Bottom Line

Don’t forget to keep your popcorn ready!

When | 17 May, 8 PM

Facebook Page | Watch Here

Register | Here

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