One Horizon Centre is An Amalgamation Of Food, Luxury, Diversity & These 5 Restaurants Are The Reason Why!

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One Horizon Centre at the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon can be the perfect day out especially if you are looking for a weekend that presents you with an unforgettable experience. A lot of places don’t do that, you see? This place is luxurious, diverse, dreamy and definitely delicious & there’s nothing better than these 5 Restaurants to be the reason you go there this week!

1. Hahn’s Kitchen Brings Seoul

This Korean restaurant is as authentic as it gets. From a quiet, luxurious ambience to some delicious Korean food, it is an an experience unmatched.

Go There For | Bibimbap, Hot Pot, Japchae

Cost for Two | Rs. 1800

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2. Shophouse By Kylin Finds Japan

Japan’s flavour at Shophouse By Kylin are definitely worth a try. Do not forget to give their A La Carte Menu a shot.

Go There For | DIY Bowls, Dimsums

Cost for Two | Rs. 1500

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3. Caffe Tonino Makes It Italian

Making One Horizon Centre more diverse is the italian flavours of Caffe Tonino – their drinks are pretty good as well. The beautiful walls are a plus!

Go There For | Pasta Carbonara, Gnocchi

Cost for Two | Rs. 1400

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4. Imly Cafe Brings The Desi

If you have been craving something desi, well, One Horizon Centre has that as well! Hang out at Imly Cafe for a delicious spread of North Indian delicacies.

Go There For | Dahi ka Shorba, Rabdi Jalebi

Cost for Two | Rs. 1000

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5. Delhi Club House Has it All!

When we said Diverse, we weren’t kidding. The Delhi Club House has everything – Continental, Middle Eastern, Indian – you name it!

Go There For | Railway Mutton, Falafel Platter

Cost for Two | Rs. 1700

The Delhi Club House at One Horizon Centre, Gurgaon

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Bottom Line

Food is the best reason ever, ain’t it?

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