Here’s A List Of All The New Places That Have Opened Shop In Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road!

One Horizon Center

Anyone can easily fall in love with food, especially when it enters the room – filling it with its amazing aroma. But beginners can be easily fooled and we felt that now is a good time to break away from the usual hum drums of life, listing that show great food but turn out to be average. Well here’s a collated list of the best restaurants you can find at DLF One Horizon Center – a one stop destination for all foodies!

30 Second Window:

  • DLF One Horizon Center is one of those few places in Delhi-NCR that serve as any foodies one stop destination for all their grub needs!
  • The Center has many food zones like the recently opened Town Hall, then throwaway priced food destinations like Imly, Carl’s Jr. & GoGourmet!
  • So, check out this list of some of the best places to eat at while you’re tripling with friends, family & your loved one!

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I. Town Hall

Town Hall the heart of Khan Market opened its newest outlet in DLF One Horizon Center that promises to be bigger, better & cooler than ever before! The iconic restaurant is famed for its Pork Belly & Shakes that legend says sends shivers down the spine of the grub monster! But the real deal behind the legend of Town Hall lies in its extensive menu of NCR’s best Sushis! Their menu might seem a little pricey at first but who doesn’t forget the prices in the menu when the food is served?

What To Munch On: Sushi, BBQ Filipino Belly

Price For Two: INR 2,000

II. Carl’s Jr.

One of the finest & most loved food joints in town for the longest time – Carl’s Jr. is the epitome of street food love! Their extensive menu of burgers & fries has been the true blue love of all foodies in town. In fact, people say that their Wasabi Fries are so mesmerising that looking at the plate can make one fall in love with the brand forever! Munch on their Mutton Burgers, Chicken Jalapeno & Tandoori Paneer Burger! Ps. these guys have installed taps for ya’ll to pour your drinks from!

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What To Munch On: Mutton Burger, Wasabi Fries

Price For Two: INR 650

III. Imly

We recently told you about Imly – the new found love of Dilliwalas! Well, this honcho of the culinary industry is one big plate of food away from giving you biggest #foodgasm of your life! With a menu that is set to give you a trip round the food world, Imly has an extensive menu of food fed at throwaway prices. While here, we suggest you give their Vegetarian Kolhapuri, Bombay Grill Sandwich, Karare Palak Ki Chaat among other meals!

What To Munch On: Agra Ki Kadak Aloo Tikki, Kalmi Vada & Rajma Chawal

Price For Two: INR 600

IV. GoGourmet

GoGourmet is one of those few places in town that provides one of the most amazing food trails in town! The iconic brand with a knack to prepare the healthiest menu of food has to be on your list of food joints to visit this summer. While here, you must try out their Tandoori Chicken Wrap – minced chicken along with vegetables wrapped in multi-grain tortillas.

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What To Munch On: Vietnamese Prawn Salad, Winter Vegetable Bowl

Price For Two: INR 600

IV. White Samba

No, these guys do not add whiskey to all their meals. That was our first reaction, a rather childish one, but let’s face it. When it comes to food, who wouldn’t want to be a child instead? Get eating here ’cause they got some beautifully cooked Truffle Mushroom Bao, Tagarashi Cripsies, Cured Duck with Coriander Roots & Carpaccio of Shrimp. They also have an extensive collection of fine whiskeys, so if you’re a fan of the spirit, head here!

What To Munch On: Smoked Salmon, Chicken Empanada & Goat Cheese Ravioli

Price For Two: INR 2,000

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to these places as soon as possible. ‘Cause all the places combined – these guys will provide you with the perfect weekend food getaway!

So, after a long and arduous evening these few places in One Horizon Center can easily take your mind off of things!

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