Have You Tried The Multani Styled Oil-Free Chole Kulche At This Grub Hub Yet?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

If you’re someone who is always craving for spicy stuff but oh-so hate those extra inches on your stomach, then we’ve just found the right place for you. This food joint in Rohtas Nagar makes a special type of chole kulche that’s 100 percent oil-free, yet utterly scrumptious.

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What To Expect?

The multani-styled chole kulche at Bhagwan Das Ji’S claims to have no oil, no ghee, no onion and can be crammed down even by the die-hard health freaks! And one plate of this fluffy delicacy is served at just ₹25, something which is lesser than your auto-fares!!!

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What You’ll Love?

Despite the lack of zesty spices, the chole kulche out here is so delish that it pulls peeps from faraway places within the city. Apart from the chole kulche, the tiny food joint also rolls out finger-licking chole matti chawal and succulent bheega kulcha to tantalize every inch of your taste buds!

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Bottom Line

Your diet kulcha is awaiting you. When are you hoping in?

Where | Bhagwan Das Ji Ki Chole Kulche, East Rohtas Nagar, Kabool Nagar, Shahdara, New Delhi

Price | ₹50 For Two

Location | Here

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