5 Offbeat South Indian Dishes To Try In Delhi!

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South Indian food has now been in trend since people have started liking it much. Apart from the usual South Indian food that we eat like dosa, idli, vada, there is more to it with a twist. Let us take you through innovative South Indian dishes to try in Delhi!

1. Idli Chaat

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We ‘ve always had idli with sambhar and chutney that is the usual way. But Sagar Ratna serves Idli chaat and it is hands down amazingly good. Pocket idlis dipped in dahi with some green, red chutney and onions and sev to top it up, I meeaaaan. Its something really interesting ‘cos idli has a new touch to it and is a must-try for sure!

Where | Sagar Ratna (Multiple Outlets)

Price | ₹150

2. Chocolate Dosa

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We ‘ve always had dosa full of masala or papad or different kind of fillings in it but have you ever had chocolate dosa? Say whaaaaaat? Dosa in chocolate flavour, does that excite you? The Great Indian Dosa in Gtb Nagar serves chocolate dosa with 4 different toppings and icecream with it. 4 toppings include oreo, brownie, cashew, chocolate chips. The way they serve it is so tempting and one cannot finish it alone. Also, they serve taco dosas as well. Do try!

Where | The Great Indian Dosa, 58, Edward Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Location | Here

Price | ₹129

3. Malabar Paratha With Kurma

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Parathas are our favourite when it comes to north Indian food but have you ever tried Malabar paratha it is made with maida and not wheat. It comes out really soft and tasty and with it, kurma is served which is again made with mixed vegetables, spices, coconut,  cashews and herbs. It’s a subcontinental dish which is very famous in the southern part of India. It is a must-try ‘cos we always have paratha the Indian way with north Indian dishes. Its time to have it the other way, Southern-style!

Where | Naivedyam ( Multiple Outlets)

Price | ₹160

4. Broccoli Cheese Uthappam

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Onion Uthappam, tomato uthappam, mix vegetable uthappam, they are all very common at every other south Indian restaurant you visit but ever heard about broccoli uthappam? Sarvana Bhavan serves this particular uthappam. Broccoli is no longer only served in salads but is also used to make special dishes like uthappam which you get here.

Where | Saravana Bhavan ( Multiple Outlets)

Price | ₹200

5. Obbattu or Puran Poli

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It’s a dessert which looks like crepe and is filled with jaggery with a touch of cardamom.  It is made with flour with a sweet filling. Ditch the basic desserts and try this for a change.

Where | Carnatic Cafe (Multiple Locations)

Price | ₹130

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