Odd-Even Update! The Signature Bridge Of Delhi Will Be Closed During The Scheme!

Odd Even Signature Bridge Temporary Close DforDelhi

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The deteriorating air quality in Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region makes it important to have and implement odd-even rule once again. It is about to comeback in Delhi from next week with a few modifications. This scheme that was started in year 2016 bifurcates the days on which the odd and even number cars will be allowed on the roads of Delhi. The new modification that is made by the senior officials is that the Signature Bridge of Delhi will remain closed for these 12 days.

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The basic rules of the odd-even scheme will remain the same as usual. The regular rules include a distinguished time span from 8AM to 8PM in which the rule must be followed. Sundays will be free for everyone. The person who prohibits the rule will have to incur a fine of 4,000. The year old Signature Bridge which is also known as Yamuna Bridge is a need of one and all as it connects the city with Wazirabad. But the latest update tells that the bridge would be closed for passing regular traffic from 4th November to 15th November.

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Following this simple rule won’t be a tough task for anyone. The soul idea behind implementing this scheme is influencing everyone to take a simple step towards the protection of environment. The Signature Bridge will not be operating during this time span as it not only helps in saving the nature with less traffic on roads but also the fact that the bridge is packed with construction equipments that need to be removed. The giant equipments include cranes and machinery. Special traffic commissioner Taj Hasan confirms the news. The Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation(DTTDC) asked for permission of closure previously as well but government rejected the request as now it solves 2 purposes at the same time.

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The Signature Bridge will be closed as the heavy equipments are right above the bridge and they can only be removed with no traffic condition. Also, stopping access to this bridge during the implementation period of the odd-even scheme will help in protecting the air quality, the soul purpose of odd-even scheme.

When | 4th November to 15th November 2019

Where | Signature Bridge

Location | Here

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