Now Watch Your Favourite Movie Without Getting Any Subscription Or Downloading App With This Unique Website!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Now you can watch your favourite movie without subscribing to any OTT platforms or downloading an app. Yes, by scanning the QR code, which you basically scan for doing payments, can also let you watch your favorite movie directly on your phone screen, and this is made possible by FilMe!

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What To Expect

With FilMe, you don’t need to get those costly per month subscriptions of various OTT platforms and go through different platforms to see one movie as this thing allows you to just scan a QR code from your mobile’s camera and directly watch the movie in just seconds!

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What You’ll Love

By spending only on what you wanna watch, you’re gonna save a lot of money which you spend on various OTT platforms. You can get these movie cards from various places such as electronic stores, mobile stores, cafe, stationary, and also on Paytm, Book My Show, Amazon from the comfort of your home!


Bottom Line

Now, pay only for what you wanna watch!


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