Now Get Your Food In Exchange Of Plastic Bottles From This First Ever Garbage Cafe In Dwarka

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The South Delhi Municipal Department has come up with an efficient idea lately. An eatery is known as ‘Garbage Cafe’ has just been opened in Dwarka City Centre which provides food in exchange for garbage and plastic bottles, in order to promote awareness among people to not throw plastic here and there but to collect them and submit here and get snacks or whole meal!

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What To Expect

Well, for 250 grams of plastic bottles, you get a plate of snack, in which you may get Samosa and Chai, Burgers, Sandwiches, and even paranthas, whereas if you get 1 kg. of plastic waste, you can grab a wholesome meal which can include butter roti, with rice and curry and daal. The outlet manages to collect 8-10 kgs of plastic waste every day!

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What You’ll Love

Having quality food from an outlet situated in a mall uplifts the quality standards and make people believe that food would be really good. People can also get food coupons from many such food outlets situated in the vicinity if they don’t want to have a meal from there and want to grab something from other outlets. So, no pressure at all!

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Bottom Line

Cleaning the City in a unique way, interesting!!


Where | Dwarka City Centre, Sector 12

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