Witness the Colonial Past Of 1857 With This Northern Ridge Walk

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Kamla Nehru Ridge, popularly known as just the “ridge ” is one of the most fav hangout spots for the North Campus kids! But what a lot of people are unaware of is the rich cultural and national history it stands as a testimony to! Random Delhi is hosting a heritage walk to the Northern Ridge where the 1857 rebellion was played out in a do-or-die battle decided the fate of India.

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What To Expect?

Ridge was a major hideout used by the sepoys and the different landmarks that mark the region are a testament of the historic mutiny of 1857. After the mutiny, the crown used the area to demonstrate their authority and as a result, many military and civil settlements came up in the region including Flagstaff tower, Guard House & Mutiny Memorial.

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What You’ll Love?

Amidst this bloodied and ever-changing history, there are few other important sights too such as a Tughlaq-era Baoli, Hunting lodge of Ferozshah and an Ashokan Pillar.

Bottom Line

Be ready to get a much-needed, intriguing dose of history!

When | 15 June. 7 AM – 9 AM

Where | Meeting point: Main gate of Delhi University Vice Chancellor’s office, North Campus

Price | ₹300

Register | Here

Location | Here

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