Craving Northeastern Food? Check Out This Place In Green Park ASAP!

Northeastern-Green Park

Amongst the many regional cuisines of India, if there is one cuisine that we have yet to explore is the northeastern cuisine, and trust us when we say the food from those states is as beautiful as the states themselves!

In the beginning, Delhi only used to have Nagaland House which served delicious pork curry cooked only with greens. But now with time restaurants Dzukou, Rosang and Nagaland’s Kitchen have opened up, making the northeastern food easier to get.

Northeastern-Green Park
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But the best restaurant doing northeastern food is North East Flavours in the Uphaar Cinema complex in Green Park.

From Sikkim to Nagaland, their menu has dishes from all the stated from the northeast. The various regions have their own characteristics. The food is light and spicy at the same time.

Their menu includes smoked pork, pork with bamboo shoots, smoked pork with fermented soya bean, pork with mustard greens and so on. But their must-try dishes are, pare ribs from Nagaland and black sesame pork from Meghalaya.

They also serve restaurant has various kinds of dishes — including Manipur’s ngataoba, dry fish with bamboo shoot, Arunachal Pradesh’s wak-si-heaten-heamong, pork liver, small intestines and bamboo shoots, Nagaland’s honoso-ruchii-rhujak, roasted chicken with herbs, and Mizoram’s bai, a mixed vegetable stew.

So remember, the next time you find yourself in Green Park, do not forget to check this place out!

Where | North East Flavours, Uphaar Cinema complex, Green Park

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