Non-CNG Private Vehicles May Be Banned In Delhi Soon

Non-CNG Private Vehicles

Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority recently suggested banning non-CNG private vehicles in Delhi. In fact, the authority said that the government could either ban cars or commence the Odd-Even rule again. However, many experts say that banning private vehicles would be a catastrophe in Delhi, both for private players and those who pool.

Yet, many experts have said banning cars wouldn’t solve the problem of rising pollution in Delhi. In fact, if the government does ban private vehicles; both two and three wheelers due to spiking levels of pollution, what will be left are the metros and the buses.

Many officials have even said the crackdown would be an impossible task for the police. Which, by the way, wouldn’t be such a hassle considering people have to wait anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour to catch a bus.

Point being, if the pollution levels continue to spike in Delhi, we might not have cars to commute.

You can read more on this here.

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