Indian Designer, Nixon Bui Leaves His Footprint On The World And We’re In Love

Nixon Bui

Basing his footprint in the world with his globally acclaimed brand, Nixon Bui finally popped up in Delhi. Believing in the fact that fashion is at its best when untamed, the collection was a take on a modern woman’s wardrobe.

What to expect from Nixon Bui

Nixon Bui first showcased his collection in Copenhagen. And while it was all about transitioning between urban and tribal features, finding a balance between subtle colours and sharp tribal motifs, what we witnessed in Delhi was a world of his that was unparalleled.

Nixon Bui

Nixon Bui fashioned and draped the models in his label’s Spring/Summer’19 collection. In fact, the central figure in the collection was a celebration of & take on strong and chic, yet refined and effortless beauty of the modern woman. The collection used a base of muted tones & minimal shades inspired solely by the subtle street mood of Copenhagen.

What we love about Nixon Bui

His collection blended beautifully the traditional green with red accents that brought out the tribal spirit of Nixon Bui. Which, by the way, came as no surprise considering part of the collection was sporty, refined and layered with edginess and confidence.

Bottom Line

He’s one of those designers who will blow the world out of the park in the coming years.

Better watch out!

Where | Residence of the Ambassador of Denmark

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