#NewLocation: Prettier, Nerdier, Picturesque – You Gotta Visit The Nerdy Indian Cafe & Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

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The Nerdy Indian Café keeps surprising every once in a while and this time, it has changed it all. From being one of its kind book café to having the perfect afternoon date vibes – it is now everything combined. There’s not one reason why you shouldn’t get going to Nerdy Indian but 5 definite reasons why you should!

1. Free Books!

Their Free Books concept is definitely one that makes it stand out; Have a great meal and then get to take free book off the shelves? That’s some crazy deal!

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2. The Ambience, Space & Vibe

There is a certain serenity that comes with this revamped Nerdy – it is definitely about books but it is that and beyond! You can choose to sit out under the colourful hanging frills or simply walk in through the picturesque blue door into the grand, airy space with books, quaint lighting, sombre ‘Café Mood’ music to please your soul.

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3. Lip-Smacking Food

The food is always the gamechanger and at Nerdy Indian, it is one of the many game-changers. Their Creamy Parmesan, Baked Nachos and choices of drinks are one that satisfy you to the T.

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4. Get The Most Insta-Worthy Pictures 

The outside, especially, is simply picturesque and worth a hundred photoshoots. The colourful hanging frills, the while walls and patches of greenery around – makes it the best setting ever.

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5. It is Pet Friendly!

Your furballs, kitties, all your little friends have got a place to chill at while you relax with a cup of coffee and read a book from the shelves. Your pets deserve the best and this is it!

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Bottom Line

The Nerdy Indian Cafe has Found its New Home & It is Definitely Worth All Hype!

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