#NewInTown: This New, Cutesy Tokyo Cafe in Saket Will Make Your Heart go Kawaii!

Know It All in 30 Seconds

The newly opened Harajuku Tokyo Cafe brings Japan to us – and not just the lip-smacking food but also the adorable ambience! Opened just this month at Select City Walk Mall, Saket, this tiny cafe has already garnered all attention and rightly so. Nonetheless, we are pretty sure, if you are what they call, a weeb or are simply curious about the streets of Japan – this place is going to be your next go-to!

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What To Expect?

When you step in this tiny space, it is surreal – the different shades of pink and the smashing neon, transports you to one lively street amidst Tokyo and your heart screams, “Kawaii!”, it borderline touches you with the vibes of Japanese Cosplay! They also have a signature claw machine to give it that extra touch of Japan – brings back the OG arcade memories and gives you a needed dose of Serotonin, we swear.

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What You’ll Love?

Other than the pretty walls – the food here is as amazing. The jiggly pancakes are satisfying to both look at and taste, the wide range of adorable, manga cookies and pastries will make any sweet-tooth, a fan, and the savoury dishes make you salivate! Oh, and they make those Japanese cheesecakes – fluffy and jiggly – that wins the internet over every single time.

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Bottom Line

A day in Tokyo that doesn’t make a hole in your wallet? This is it!

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