#NewInTown: These 4 Cafes Have Recently Opened In Champa Gali Which You Should Be Heading This Weekend

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What are your weekend plans? Still have not figured out? Let us help you with these newly opened 4 cafes in Champa Gali which you can explore and experience their vibes yourself.


1. Silsila Bistro

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This newly opened cafe in Champa Gali can be your place for this weekend. Serving Continental and Chinese dishes. The place is nicely decorated and has a soothing ambiance.

Price For Two | Rs. 800 (approx.)


2. Cafe Dosti

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Cafe Dosti is the place where you can have both continental and Italian cuisine, whatever you like. The place has a wide variety of Pizzas starting at just 299/- and drinks, and also Quesadilla if you like.

Price For Two | Rs. 450 (approx.)


3. Four Directions Cafe

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The place serves extensive Italian cuisine such as Rissoto, Croquettes, Garlic bread, pizzas, and a lot more. The place also has drinks for your different moods.

Price For Two | Rs. 550 (approx.)


4. The Nerdy Indian Cafe

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Another place that serves some quality peri-peri fries, momos, vada pav, pizzas, and a lot more. One interesting thing about this cafe is its concept of giving a free book whenever you dine in here and your bill gets over 500, and we think that’s interesting.

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Enjoy the weekend with your bae at these new cafes in your very own romantic lane!


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