Have-It-All At This Restaurant In Delhi That Offers 11 International Cuisines


You know how we get all excited when anything new comes up, opens up, launches in Delhi. So, we are here with the news of a newly-opened restaurant in Kirti Nagar which is actually a gem. Mark our words when we say it that ‘you must not miss out on this place’. No kidding! Read on to know what’s so different about this place and why you’d be drooling over the cuisines they offer.

What To Expect?

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Okay so, the restaurant is located in Kirti Nagar and reaching there is not going to be an issue as it’s very near to Moti Nagar metro station. The restaurant is on the 1st floor and the minute you enter the place, you’d not look back. Everything from the vibrant and colorful decor to the food counters is just too good to be true! There are counters dedicated to single cuisines and you literally get food made the way you want at some of the counters. How Amazing is that?

What’s New About This Place?

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Okay so, everything about the restaurant is different. As the name suggests, the place actually looks like a marketplace. The seating is diverse ranging from swings to floral upholstered seats to generic-funky ones, you’ll get a taste of every fashion. The counters are built in such a way that it feels like strolling in markets and passing through passages for food. Above all, the restaurant has 11 International cuisines to offer. From Italian to Chinese to Thai to Meditteranean, there’s food for every mood.  What’s not to love about this place, guys?

#DfdRecommends (From The Menu) :

1. Fire-cracker chili chicken Roll Sushi

2. Marinara Meatball Lasagna

3. Palak Patta Ki Chaat

4. Pink Panther cocktail

5. The Bearded Boss

Still not convinced? Then listen to your taste buds because they are convinced. Head over to this multi-cuisines restaurant and you’d realize why it’s a must-must visit!

Where I A 7/8, Kailash Park, Near Metro Pillar 326, Opposite Kalra Hospital, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi

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