New Gramophone House Is A Bittersweet Reminder Of The Days Of Vinyl!

Location | Shop No. 9, Opposite Moti Cinema, Main Road, Chandni Chowk Road

Established in 1930 in Anarkali Bazaar, LahoreNew Gramophone House was probably India’s sole destination for a tryst with the vinyl, record players and gramophones!

Founded by music enthusiast, vinyl lover and ‘records’ seller Shri Bhagwan Dass Rajpal. He not just established a shop that sold vinyl, he bridged the gap between generations by creating a haven for all who could sit down and listen to record music all day.

The small shop is all about wholesale and retail sale of 78 RPM records, gramophone players, needles and spares. After the partition, he brought his business to the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk. Since then, the shop has passed down from generation to generation. So, as you go down the quaint lane of Nai Sadak, you will find the shop sweetly nestled at the back of a shoe and chappal shop.

And as you enter the shop, the distinct smell of the old vinyl become the first thing to move your senses. You can find vinyl records of BB King, Kishore Kumar, Mehdi Hasan among others. You can buy the records for as cheap INR 500 but the price obviously increases if the LP you’re looking for is rare and not easily found.

In 2010, New Gramophone House moved 1 step forward by restarting vinyl production of Indian, acting as a sole distributor for all music companies. And it still stands tall and proud in a world of CDs, iPods and music players.

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