New Delhi Railway Station Is Getting A Makeover And Here Are The Details!

New Delhi

New Delhi Railway Station is one of the busiest Stations in India and it is now getting colourful walls and street art as part of its ongoing makeover. Soon it will have upgraded waited rooms, toilets, and other facilities, too!!

This upgrade plan is expected to finish by the end of this June. The plan entails a lot of changes for the New Delhi Railway Station, from colourful walls to revamped toilets.

New Delhi
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A lot of work has begun already. You could see the new display screens, more cleaning staff, and other aesthetic developments.

There is a leopard image painted on the staircase of one of the platforms. The passengers are also relieved as now that the number of cleaners has increased making it easier for the passengers to commute.

New Delhi
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As parts of other developments, the Ajmeri Gate entrance of the Railway Station has recently been freshly painted and a peacock has also been painted similar to the staircase leopard.

By the end of June be prepared to witness an all-new facade of the New Delhi Railway Station as it gets more colorful and hopefully cleaner.

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