Netflix Has Some Treats For You: 5 Upcoming Movies To Watch

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Chillin’ and Netflix, go hand-in-hand. If you’ve got a Netflix subscription or your friend’s, then there’s a lot of fun and amazing movies coming up that you might want to try! Here’s a list of upcoming movies that we are waiting for!

1. Enola Holmes

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If you’ve been watching Sherlock, then there’s more for you. Enola Holmes is based on a YA series by Nancy Springer! It is all about Sherlock’s kid sister who’s a detective in-training. On her quest to find her mother, there’s a lot that the protagonist will take you through and it might just be an adventurous ride!

Release Date| September 23, 2020

2. The Boys In The Band

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Jim Parsons can be the reason for a lot of us to watch this film. But we might end up loving a lot more! This LGBT drama film is based on the play of the same name. Friends reuniting for one of their birthdays is something that is just as fun a plot as it sounds! We are excited for this and it will be up soon, so give it a try!

Release Date| September 30, 2020

3. American Murder: The Family Next Door

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For those who are into documentaries, this one is important! Based on the real story of the 2018 Watts family Murders, that took place in Colorado. The catch is that it can get dark! The authenticity of this documentary is great and will give a lot of insights into the case with footages and recordings from the time.

Release Date| September 30, 2020

4. Hubie Halloween

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Halloween season isn’t far and this might just be a treat! This comedy horror is all about Hubie, who loved a calm Halloween has to convince his townsfolk that the monsters are real and he will have to find the disappearing people! It is probably everything that we expect from a horror-comedy and we cannot wait!

Release Date| October 7, 2020

5. The Trial Of The Chicago 7

This American Legal Drama is about the 1969 trial of the seven defendants, a group of anti Vietnam war protestors. Charged with conspiracy, this trial was one of the notorious ones. If you’re into legal dramas, from incidents of the past then this is for you! The cast is amazing and it can be promising!

Release Date| October 16, 2020

Bottom Line

Get to binging and thank us later!

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