We’re Absolutely Loving Needuledust’s Wonderland Juttis & Phulkaris!!


India is widely known for its traditional clothes & apparel & sitting right at the top of the fashion chain is Needledust! Based out of picturesque Shahpurjat Village, Needledust creates a beautiful rendition of the traditional juttis & phulkaris. Their modern take on the juttis & phulkaris are an amazing collection of handcrafted beauties you’ve got to stockpile in your wardrobe!


30 Second Window:

  • Needledust redefined the market with a line of bespoke fine leather juttis & hand woven phulkaris! All their designs glow with a charm that mixes high street fashion with traditional elegance!
  • For those who wear, admire & like to preserve the juttis & phulkaris elegance, class & culture, Needledust is the place to be! Their designs are vibrant with clean curves & soft finish.
  • Needledust is perfect for those who would love to buy specially designed juttis & phulkaris for their wedding! The peeps here have special collections for weddings!
  • Bright colours & beautiful embroideries on finest leather for juttis & pure chiffon for phulkaris are the main focus of the designs!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you get your fix of boho juttis & phulkaris! These guys have an amazing team of designers who can blow your mind away in jiff!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page here. Or buy your own pair shoes here.

Sneak Peak | 40-B, Shahpur Jat Village

Google Maps | Click Here

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