Need Weekend Motivation? Speed Down To Nasya’s Live Performance At This Pub In South Delhi

The feeling of FOMO on weekends just soars to the sky. And when a band like Nasya is performing in Delhi, it peaks to a level that we can’t control the excitement!

In fact, you know what’s even better than Nasya’s performance? The fact that it’s coming to a pub in South Delhi that encourages a mad party vibe!! With tons of bright lights, fun pops of vibrant colours in the backdrop and a freakin’ awesome menu of meals & drinks – nothing gets better than this.

Ruin Pub in Ansal Plaza is hosting the band that is solely responsible for a sufi madness in the city. With the ambience full of rustic motifs and seating, the performance will be the greatest ever you’ll attend this summer month!

Moreover, the great thing about Ruin Pub is that they’re also hosting a delicious buffet system for the entire month. So, if you head to Ruin Pub a little early tomorrow, guess what you’ll find there? A grand line of the most delicious meals you can get your hands one!

Excited? Book your places by calling on +91-9999000196

Where | A-201-A-233, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall

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