Are You A Big Fan Of Movies? Be In The World Movie Festival And Enjoy!

Navrasa Duende World Movie Festival DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Are you the one too who feels that watching movies is the best time-pass activity? For some it is the favourite task to do. Some people enjoy it so much that they remember each and every scene of movie just by watching it once. You can easily quiz them over any movie. If you are someone who is a true fan of movies then make sure you be in this movie celebration fest.

Navrasa Duende World Movie Festival DforDelhi

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What To Expect?

As the name says this is a World movie festival where the organizers try to get back the past 100 years of cinematic world. The countries include India, Sweden, Iran, China, Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, USA, Japan and many more. This is the 4th edition of the World Movie Festival. This fest has been a successful and entertaining event from many years. It simply gets back the nostalgic theater moments in reality on big screen once again. Even the movies related to the silent era are portrayed here. Other genres include poetic and realistic cinema. This is a unique fest which will surely be relished by film lovers and elders.

Navrasa Duende World Movie Festival DforDelhi

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What You’ll Love?

Each and every day of the Navrasa Duende World Movie Festival is going to showcase different movies. The upcoming days include movies like Apocalypse Now, Tokyo Story, The Marriage Of Maria Braun on 1st date and Charulata, The Passion of Joan of Arc, Pulp Fiction on the 2nd day. Single show of each movie will be played one after another in the mentioned order. Out of all these Charulata is a must watch Indian black and white movie. You can simply surprise your elders by gifting them the passes of this movie. We are sure they will enjoy it.

Navrasa Duende World Movie Festival DforDelhi

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Bottom Line

If you are a true cinema lover then make sure you be at this great event with your loved ones.

When | 16th November to 17th November 2019

Where | Siri Fort Auditorium 2, August Kranti Marg, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Delhi 110049

Location | Here

Tickets | Here

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