Supreme Court Has Okayed Standing During National Anthem @ Movie Halls!!

National Anthem

Apex body, Supreme Court, has lifted its earlier mandate that anyone who is found not standing while movie halls play the National Anthem will be prosecuted. This comes as a surprise since it had earlier put down its foot regarding the matter. The move was put into action to make people more sensitive toward nationalism! SC has said that people can keep sitting down while National AnthemĀ is played as story line in a film, newsreel or documentary

30 Second Window:

  • Supreme Court has lifted its ‘punishable by law mandate’ for anyone found sitting while the National Anthem is being played.
  • The new rule comes after much discussion & deliberation since many states in India saw a number of riots in movie halls & other places!
  • In fact, there were certain reports of people acting like vandals in Mumbai. Besides, the more pressing reason for this reversal was keeping in mind the health of people with special needs.

National Anthem

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That no matter the rule, if you can stand for a few minutes then do it! Singing the National Anthem never hurt anyone!

So, what we are saying is that give nationalism a chance & stand up. Unless of course, you have certain special reason not to, then keep sitting but do sing along!

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