Metallic Roads Inside Red Fort To Be Replaced By Mughal-styled Quartzine Roads

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Time to travel back to the past and busk in the reinstated Mughal vibes as Mughal-styled quartzine roads are soon to take over the existing metallic paths inside Red Fort.

Before the revolutionization of road construction by Macadam, Mughals used to carve their roads out of DQ stones or Delhi quartzine. Also, strolling through DQ pathways were way more comfortable than walking on metallic roads. Keeping this in mind, the Archaeological Survey of India is planning to reconstruct these quaint stone ways.

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A branch of the road linking Lahori Gate to Delhi Gate will fork out to Asad Burj, the southeastern corner of the fort and then turn towards the imperial palace complex. The road will connect to Mumtaz Mahal and will pass by spectacular quarters like Rang Mahal and Diwan-i-Khas.

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If you’re a history buff with a pash for all that’s out of the ark, you’ll defo love the revamped look of the good ol’ Red Fort. We assume that the wait won’t be long enough to experience the jashn of Mughaliyana in the all-new way.

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