Unravel The Influences Of Mughal Cuisine Spanning The Reign Of Seven Mughal Emperors at Diya

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Ever wondered why we have such a diverse food culture? Seven prominent rulers controlled the empire and brought with themselves their signature food delicacies, cooking techniques and more. Did you know Akbar was a vegetarian for three days a week and had an exclusive kitchen which was irrigated with rose water? Reviving the lost recipes from the Mughal kitchen and bringing an exotic flavor for your taste buds, Diya by The Leela Ambience Gurugram is here for service with ‘The Emperor’s Table’

What To Expect?

The Mughals were lavish and extravagant. Courtly food of the Mughal Empire was sumptuous, rich and complex. Their Executive Chef, Ashish Bhasin is creating a food ensemble with his team based on the extensive research done by food historian, Salma Husain. Their skilled chefs conducted numerous trials and tasting sessions to have the same authenticity as they were earlier recorded. Now you know where to go, for that lavish flavorsome traditional meal.

What You’ll Love?

During the fifteen-day promotion, talented chefs will put together dishes like Pateeli Kebab, Luleh Kebab, Riza Kjufta, Haleem Khassa, Kofta Angoori, Laziza, Rogani Roti along with many more. No meal is complete without some sweet delights. Indulge yourself in Biranj-e-amba, Sheer Kurma and Halvaye Zardak. Drooling already?

Bottom Line

It’s time to taste the lost recipes as they were prepared for the royals and we bet you, this food journey will take you to the historical lanes of the Mughal era

When | 10th March – 24th March

Where | Diya, The Leela Ambience, Gurugram

Price | A la carte

Location | Here


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