Movies You Can Watch With Your Partner This Valentine’s!

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Watching movies that you like with you better half hits differently and what’s better than watching it on the day, we celebrate love. Here’s the list of  english movies you should watch with your partner this valentine’s!

1. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice movie review (2005) | Roger Ebert

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When we talk about classic and evergreen romantic movies, how can we miss out on this one? Pride and Prejudice is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic and we fall in love everytime we watch it.

2. La La Land

La La Land movie review: This musical has all the joy and wonder of love |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

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La La Land is a movie that depicts how beautiful love can be and loving the person can be even more beautiful. You can definitely watch it on Valentine’s day with your partner in a cozy blanket.

3. Before Sunrise

Before' Trilogy: Video Shows Parallel Emotion From All Three Films |  IndieWire

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This is a triology. More than the characters, you will fall in love with the dialogues. Even you will feel like going to Vienna and spending a day with your love, doing nothing.

4. The Notebook

Noah From 'The Notebook' Is Actually Really Toxic — But The Movie Made It  So Much Worse Than The Book

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This one of the classic romantic movies that we can watch anytime but what’s the better day to watch it than Valentine’s Day. With a glass of wine and popcorn, this movie can make your date perfect!

5. Crazy Rich Asians

Watch Crazy Rich Asians | Netflix

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This movie is crazy. It is a perfect romcom you can watch with your better half on this day. Make a plan y’all!

6. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The Boys I've Loved Before Soundtrack Music - Complete Song List |  Tunefind

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It is a triology and you can definitely fall in love with all the parts. Not just flowers, romantic dates, Lara Gean gives you classic letter feels which she wrote to her crushes.

7. The Big Sick

Review: In 'The Big Sick,' Comedy Is Hard, Love Harder - The New York Times

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The Big Sick is a modern, moving, romance story. It is definitely about acceptance, faith and independence equally sweet and emotionally devastating!

8. The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth 3" Release Date Confirmed at Netflix | Teen Vogue

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This is one of the best movies in romantic genres. With phenomenal performance and amazing dialogues, this movie is a beautiful watch, this valentines.


Bottom line

Not so cliche but some beautiful, you can give a watch this Valentine’s!

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