Take Your Freakshake Hunger To The Next Milky Level With Morellos In Gurgaon!


Morellos has to date sold over 12,000 milkshakes to happy customers who just keep coming back for more! No matter what your age, Morellos guarantees to sell you the moon of freak milkshakes that is always & forever filled with chocolatey goodness! Besides, what’s better than that childhood Bournvita doodh? Morellos’ milkshakes baba!

30 Second Window:

  • Morellos is best known for its milkshakes that are made with the finest ingredients you can lay your hands on.
  • Their fan favourite shake, Brownie Milkshake, is just one of the many delicious glasses of happiness on their menu of chocolate blasted shakes.
  • In fact, Morellos’ Tres Leche shake is made with three different types of milk! Heck, we had no godly idea that you could mix three types of milk to produce a single shake that makes you drool all over your pants.
  • Looking at some of their milkshakes..one is bound to feel shaken to their core. Why? Reason so simple – Them doodhshakes are brewed to perfection and filled with cookies, kit-kats, oreos, ferrero rocher, nutella &  hazelnuts.
  • And the best part? Morellos produces shakes that are bound to turn you into a freak. A freak who freakishly freaks out for shakes that taste deliciously freaky! Too much? Hardly!


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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You try out their Brownie, Tres Leche, Bubble Gum, Kit Kat, Caffeine Kick, Banana Split Sundae & their Desi Shake!!
  • If you are there at the store today, don’t feel shy..ask them to produce a DIY shake that will allow you to make your own shake with the all goodies they have in store for you!
  • The ambience of the store oozes freakishly mouth watering shakes, snacks, bagels & Mexican taco cones.

So head on to the store TODAY! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve party with the best milkshake joint in Delhi! Worry not! No Bewafayi attached, just loads of love & milkshakes.

Where: A-118, Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country, Sector 50

For Directions: Click Here

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