Have You Met These Monumental Marvels Of Delhi?


There is a certain romance that lingers around, a calm that never breaks.

The Capital holds some of the most magnificient historic marvels that mostly remains uncharted in our impromptu visits. Some are hidden amid the narrow alleys of our urban villages while some next to glitzy companions that they usually end up lying unnoticed. Here is a list of these trophies of time that pictures the city in an ever so beautiful spectacle, that soothes the vision and delight our senses.

Metcalfe House


A treat to burn the miseries of heart…Metcalfe is one picturesque ruin of Delhi with lush green expanse and a splendid architecture of rugged stone walls and arches. Overlooking the mystical views of Qutub Minar and Jamali Kamali Tomb, afternoon seems the best time to visit the monument as the balmy aura erases the mental rush added with the perks of having very few peering eyes.

Location: Mehrauli Archeological Park trail, Christian Colony, Mehrauli

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Fatehpuri Mosque


When the ever brimming chaos of Chandni Chowk becomes too hot to handle but you still long for that eerie magic of Old Delhi, then a stopover at the ancient Fatehpuri Mosque should be your calling. It is located at the junction where the signature street of old delhi breaks into its sibling markets, exactly opposite to its glorious counterpart; The Red Fort. Fatehpuri mosque is a modest sanctuary that welcomes everyone, the simplicity of its architecture and ceaseless silence prevails over the outside chatter. (If you are a tourist, then you might not feel the warmth of its understated appeal).

Location: Shahi Imam Masjid Fatehpuri, Katra Bariyan, Gadodia Market, Chandni Chowk

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Safdarjung Tomb


One of Delhi’s most revered monuments, Safdarjung Tomb is a gem of a place that shines bright in its breathtaking glory. Sharing resemblance with the iconic Humayun’s tomb but with strikingly lesser admirers, it remains a brilliant slice of history curled in the lap of the city. The charm of this place doubles up during monsoon when the showers bring several peacocks in the garden areas, the surreal sight of them dancing to the taps of nature make the place all the more magical.

Location: Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, 110021

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Zafar Mahal


The Summer Palace of the Mughals which ended up being their last monumental structure, is settled in Capital’s Mehrauli village. Built by Emperor Akbar II, it was named after his son Bahadur Shah Zafar who took charge of building the palace’s red sandstone and marble clad gateway. The building holds a splendid architecture yet its beauty remains hidden. The white marble Moti Masjid in the palace premises with its lonesome minars and tomb creates the most beautiful spectacle round the otherwise drab canvas of brick clad apartments.

Location: 818, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli Market, Badiwala Kua, Mehrauli

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Khirki Mosque


A Mosque built like a fort, this medieval Delhi structure is the only mosque in North India which is mostly covered. Located in Malviya Nagar and right next to the swanky malls of Saket, one comes across a nostalgic treat of history that has survived the test of time while standing strong amid fleeting identities.

Location: Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017

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Begumpur Mosque


Once a structure holding timeless elegance of its architecture; the multi domed ceiling, large central courtyard and beautiful carvings done in stone now lies neglected, away from a curious gaze of the public. The Mosque of Jahanpanah, the 4th medieval city of Delhi now stands on the ground of endless ruins.

In the rut of our cluttered city lifestyles, a visit to these ruins sometimes brings back the lost silence we often fail to find in the daily hustle.

Location: Geetanjali Marg, Malviya Nagar, Delhi 110017

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Roshanara Bagh


Once a thriving Palace of Roshanara Begum, the daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan; which later became the tomb of the princess surrounding lush garden expanses now lies unattended.

Location: Roshanara Road, Shakti Nagar, New Delhi, 110007

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Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb


Jamali Kamali tomb is one fine example of the many mughal era monuments dotted about the city.  Popular among delhiites for its association with several ghost stories,  its brilliant mughal architecture comprising of exquisitely detailed motifs and stone work still lacks the attention it deserves.

Location: Archaeological Village complex, Mehrauli, New Delhi,110030

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A dose of serendipity is awaiting you..!! Go discover it yourself..:)

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