The Delhi Government Is Restoring Monuments. Know How.


The monuments of Delhi are its cultural backbone that helps people always stay connected with their history and heritage. The Delhi Government, thus, feels imperative to remind people how big a role these ancient structures play in preserving the identity of the city and the nation.

The Delhi Government plans to promote and preserve these ancient sanctums as the irreplaceable centers of arts and culture by hosting weekly heritage walks, folk dance shows, and other programs here!

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There is a list of some odd 52 monuments in Delhi that are lined up for restoration and beautification. It’s rather sad that most of us haven’t been able to look past the red fort, Qutub Minar and the likes of them. Some of the monuments lined up are Qudsia Bagh, Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, Bawana Zail, Begumpur Masjid, and Bade Lao Ka Gumbad.

While the State Archaeology Department (SAD) undertakes the restoration of various ancient structures every year, due to the lack of proper mechanisms regarding their safety, the monuments are vulnerable to wear and tear. But that isn’t the only reason. The lack of foot-fall at these monuments leaves them prone to vandalism.

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The Delhi Government will be restoring monuments from February 2019.
Cultural programs like mushairas, exhibitions, Kavi Sammelans, Dastangoi sessions, plays, folk dances, musical events, and more being held every Saturday to help infuse new life in them!

How amazing is this initiative! Go google these hidden gems in the city and start exploring the land you live on!

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