These 5 Hair Care Tips Will Be Your Armour For This Monsoon Season

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Monsoon is that much-anticipated therapy to a burning soul. It is nothing less than a sacred shower for India. Monsoons in India is like a celebration; the fresh breeze brings along new hopes and aspirations. This monsoon, don’t let your lovely hair suffer yet another muggy trauma. If you incorporate these 5 hair care tips this year, your hair will thank you for a lifetime.

1. Wash Your Hair Only Twice A Week

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Use a mild yet deep-cleansing shampoo to remove any residue on your scalp left behind by the rainwater. It is easy to get frizzy, under-nourished hair during monsoon and hence using a good shampoo goes a long way in nourishing your tresses. It also helps your hair by preventing fungal or bacterial infections.

2. Hair Massage With Oil Is Very Essential

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Its time for a nice good champi. Nothing’s as good for your hair during the monsoon as a good old hair oil massage. It not just naturally boosts the moisture in your hair and revitalizes those dry strands, but also offers deep conditioning. Time to ask your grandmother for that therapeutic hair massage your hair has been longing for these many years.

3. Your Comb Is Your Saviour

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It is essential to use the right comb in the monsoon. When dealing with wet hair, a wide tooth comb is the best option. It helps to de-tangle your hair while also ensuring that the hair doesn’t break and tear. You can use the comb while conditioning your hair for an even application and will also help you get that straight-hair look. If possible, try using bio-degradable hair comb. This way you will not just treat your hair nicely, but also your environment.

4. Eat A Protein Rich Diet

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Proteins are very important for your body muscles, tissues, and cell regeneration. A protein rich diet will greatly help you in controlling hair fall and combating scalp diseases. Eating watery food like lassi, watermelon, rice, muskmelon creates swelling in the body. Opt for foods which are drying in nature like corn, gram flour, chickpea and similar food options.

5. Use A Monsoon-Friendly Shampoo

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In the rainy season, you should be sceptical of the hair care products which you are using, especially the shampoo. Shampoo should be gentle and efficient in cleansing but at the same, it should not strip away your hair’s essential oils.

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