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Isn’t art just the best form of meditation? You engross yourself into the minute details that help in contemplating life so well! How about transforming this art into masterpieces for your house decor. This place is offering a session on monoprinting workshop! The workshop will teach you an easy and fun way of exploring the world of mono printing and you can dive in explore your inner artist.

Sounds interesting right?

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What To Expect?

Unlike most printmaking techniques where the same plate is used to take out multiple prints, monoprinting is a form of printmaking where the images that can only be made once.

What You’ll Love?

Mono printing as a process requires you to work quickly as there is no time for thoughtful tiny details or erasures. Big swoopy movements, quick decisions, textures and use of lots of found objects is what this workshop is going to be all about.

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Bottom Line

They only have 15 seats. So go hurry up!

When | 8 February, 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM

Where | Studio Pepperfry, South Ex Part-II

Price | ₹1,500

Tickets | Book Here

Location | Here

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