MOD Is Offering 12 Doughnuts For The Price Of 6 On All Online Orders

You know what we love about doughnuts? Basically, we’re eating our calories back, one sweet treat at a time! In fact, we don’t mind the extra kilo we’ll probably end up putting on and the waist size? FORGET ABOUT IT! 😛

So, Mad Over Doughnuts is offering a RAD deal! And if you love hogging on doughnuts with no guilt whatsoever, keep scrolling down!!

MOD is offering 12 doughnuts for the price of six on all online orders. In fact, all you have to do is apply the code F66B before checking out. And voila! From a bill amount of INR 1,100 (approx), it’ll come straight down to INR 520 (approx).

Isn’t that absolutely friggin’ CRAZY? So, stop running your mouth with drool and order your box of happiness here.

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